Drone Commander 2 prototype

Rare Waves LLC demonstrates a Grendel Drone Commander 2 prototype in Eurorack format.

Drone Commander 2 is a true analog synthesizer with discrete transistor technology. It has 12 knobs for lots of hands on control, and every knob is a push-pull switch for lots of tone modification options.

It retains the original Drone Commander filter, and adds a second independently controlled filter for contrast. The second filter is a smooth and clean 4-pole lowpass filter (-24dB/oct VC-LPF). It has an attack-release envelope generator and serves as a lowpass gate, to control the volume and tone.

The LFO section has been completely revised.. its kind of hard to describe, listen instead (please pardon the noodling)

The optional Expander module can be connected for extensive voltage control. It has 18 patch points including CV/Gate input, Clock in/out, and external audio input. Connecting a MIDI controller and MIDI-CV converter to the Expander gives the Drone Commander 2 its full potential for melodic control, sequencing, and synchronization.

A stand-alone version may be in the works also. More audio at soundcloud.com/rare-waves

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