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Hydronium Eurorack voice module: new from Rare Waves!

Rare Waves Hydronium analog synthesizer is now available in Eurorack format, as a DIY kit ($225) or pre-assembled ($359).  Hydronium is a high quality electronic music instrument with “the works” – MIDI and CV-Gate control + semi-modular patachability.  Its great tone and playability will invite you to stay up late making tracks!

Hydronium: new synth from Rare Waves!

Rare Waves Hydronium is now available in tabletop format! $255 (DIY kit) / $389 (assembled & tested). Please visit our Ordering page for details on how to order.

Grendel DC-2e Standalone

Check out the Grendel DC-2e Standalone in orange!

Announcing the MIDI Narrator DIY vintage speech synthesizer kit

MIDI Narrator is a fun DIY electronics kit that lets you build a MIDI-controlled computer voice synthesizer based on the classic SP0256-AL2 chip from the 1980’s.  It was designed by Eric Archer of Rare Waves and its new for 2018! Limited quantity available!

Concert Dedicated to Grendel Drone Commander

We’re surpised and very honored to learn of an upcoming concert dedicated to the Grendel Drone Commander!  And the venue is a 700-year old Italian church, no less.  For the evening’s program, the seven performers have agreed on one rule:  only Drone Commander + FX.  We unfortunately cannot attend in person but would be very grateful for any audio, video, or photos from the event.

Time: Saturday April 21, 2018, 8PM – 11PM.
Location: Ex Abbazia di San Bernardino (Genova, Italy)
Performing Artists: Stefano Bertoli, Gedron, Jagolab, SKR Project, Shin/Fate, TheNoise, Urbanspaceman
Facebook event page

Concerto dedicato al Grendel Drone Commander,
SETTE Commanders
Tutto in una notte!!!


Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal

All the sounds of the original ‘ammo can’ Grendel Drone Commander, in convenient FX pedal format … plus Gate In, stomp switch, and an external audio input.  Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal is avaialable now, direct from Rare Waves! Visit our Ordering page for details.

GDC Classic Pedal Available Now

Drone Commander 2 Standalone in Custom Colors

The Drone Commander 2 Standalone is now available in custom tolex color finishes!

custom colors DC2e case

Grendel prototype synth jam

A demo track featuring several mystery synths from the Rare Waves R&D lab. This recording features the LMS-17 Light Matrix Synthesizer, which is an updated version of a rare device called dRONEMATr1X we produced in 2009.

Drone Commander 2 Standalone

dc2e comp

We’ll soon be offering the Grendel DC-2e Drone Commander 2 in a standalone format. It comes with a custom fitted Eurorack case. The case features a removable lid, tolex vinyl covering, and convenient power supply. Orange and black finish are standard options; custom colors available by request.

Game sound design with Lite2Sound PX

Sound Designer Kyle Fraser of 343 Industries shows some sounds he’s getting with our Lite2Sound PX photodiode amplifier kit.

This is a complete episode of The Sprint. Fast forward to the segment beginning at 8:23 to see Kyle’s demonstration of Lite2Sound PX.