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Grendel DC-2 Standalone 2022 Edition

The Grendel DC-2 is available as a standalone synth, combined with a Rare Waves 2022 edition 35HP euro case.  The multi-angle case is made of riveted aluminum and has solid hardwood side panels with an inlaid art design.

Grendel Formant Filter V2.2

We have brought back the Grendel Formant Filter eurorack module for 2022. This voltage-controlled analog filter effect produces vowel tones by subtractive synthesis using a bank of four bandpass filters. Version 2.2 is available now and features several choice updates. The control panel now comes in your choice of brushed anodized aluminum in silver or black. Electronically, this version now includes a 3-way Mode switch offering a convenient bypass function, as well as the new MODE 2 which adds a 5th analog filter to the effect for fuller bass response. MODE 1 is very similar to the sound of the original.

Grendel DC-2, Formant Filter, RA-99 Grenadier

Key of C minor, tempo 84 BPM.
This synth demonstration from Rare Waves uses the Grendel DC-2 as a tone source. Grendel Formant Filter provides vowel filtering, and Grendel RA-99 Grenadier is performing the LFO duties. Rare Waves Hydronium is used as a MIDI-CV converter to set the pitch of the DC-2’s oscillators. In the picture you also see a prototype Polyphonic Strobe Tuner, which provides a real-time pitch analysis. Also heard in the mix are our prototypes of a Surf Sound Synthesizer and Spring Reverb.

Grendel DC-2

Grendel Drone Commander 2 Eurorack coming soon!

Grendel Drone Commander 2 eurorack is back by demand. The Grendel DC-2 brings hair-raising analog tones with 2x VCF, 2x VCO, multiple LFOs, AR envelope, and CV-Gate interface with multiple V/oct inputs. The new model comes with a slightly updated control panel design; Grendel DC2 is now a single module 35HP width, made in non-reflective brushed aluminum, silver or black anodized. Available January 2021. More details T.B.A. soon!

Grendel 2TAC: 2-Track Analog Controller

Its a compact minimalist CV-Gate sequencer – the Grendel 2TAC 2-Track Analog Controller.  Fresh design for 2019, a limited edition (for now) featuring hand tooled metal work, oil finished hardwood sides, and permanent silkscreen graphics.

Grendel 2TAC User Guide (PDF)

Grendel DC-2 LTD – Limited Edition

Announcing a special limited edition run of Grendel Drone Commander 2! The DC-2 LTD features hand tooled metalwork, oil finished hardwood sides, and permanent silkscreen graphics. Only 8 produced! (Sold Out)

Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal

All the sounds of the original ‘ammo can’ Grendel Drone Commander, in convenient FX pedal format … plus Gate In, stomp switch, and an external audio input.  Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal is avaialable now, direct from Rare Waves! Visit our Ordering page for details.

GDC Classic Pedal Available Now

Drone Commander 2 Standalone

dc2e comp

We’ll soon be offering the Grendel DC-2e Drone Commander 2 in a standalone format. It comes with a custom fitted Eurorack case. The case features a removable lid, tolex vinyl covering, and convenient power supply. Orange and black finish are standard options; custom colors available by request.

Reverberant Drone Relaxation

Thirty-one minute ambient relaxation music recorded with the Grendel DC-2e Main Module and a spring reverb effect.