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Lite2Sound EP Photodiode Amplifier

Lite2Sound EP is our highest quality photodiode amplifier yet. EP stands for Enhanced Perception. Brand new for 2023, made specially for sound explorers.

Lite2Sound QB Stereo

Its new for 2021! Since we started making photodiode amplifiers 10 years ago, we’ve had many requests for a stereo version. We are proud to announce the upcoming availability of Lite2Sound QB Stereo. It features 2 sensor channels that create a stereo field for listening to ambient modulated light, built-in speakers and battery power for wire-free portability, 2 stereo audio outputs on 3.5 mm mini plug, and a strong and beautiful case made of solid hardwood and phenolic composite.

Game sound design with Lite2Sound PX

Sound Designer Kyle Fraser of 343 Industries shows some sounds he’s getting with our Lite2Sound PX photodiode amplifier kit.

This is a complete episode of The Sprint. Fast forward to the segment beginning at 8:23 to see Kyle’s demonstration of Lite2Sound PX.

Lite2Sound QB – coming soon

Rare Waves LLC and Eric Archer are developing a new model of our Lite2Sound photodiode amplifiers – the Lite2Sound QB. Many sources of light contain hidden tones and modulated frequencies that can only be heard with a light sensitive receiver. Creative audio producers, field recording enthusiasts, and sound designers are finding that photodiode amplifiers offer a new ‘secret weapon’ to expand their toolbox of sound sources. The video clip shows just a few samples of Lite2Sound QB in action, but we feel that the real magic is field recording in technology-saturated spaces. We will present more examples soon.

L2SQB 001