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Hydronium Eurorack in brushed aluminum

We’ve updated the looks of Hydronium Eurorack, our 28HP analog ‘acid’ style monosynth. This module now features a laser-cut aluminum control panel with crisply detailed brushed finish, in black anodized or silver.

Grendel Drone Commander 2

Grendel RA-99 Grenadier

Rare Waves / Grendel synth demo

Concert Dedicated to Grendel Drone Commander

We’re surpised and very honored to learn of an upcoming concert dedicated to the Grendel Drone Commander!  And the venue is a 700-year old Italian church, no less.  For the evening’s program, the seven performers have agreed on one rule:  only Drone Commander + FX.  We unfortunately cannot attend in person but would be very grateful for any audio, video, or photos from the event.

Time: Saturday April 21, 2018, 8PM – 11PM.
Location: Ex Abbazia di San Bernardino (Genova, Italy)
Performing Artists: Stefano Bertoli, Gedron, Jagolab, SKR Project, Shin/Fate, TheNoise, Urbanspaceman
Facebook event page

Concerto dedicato al Grendel Drone Commander,
SETTE Commanders
Tutto in una notte!!!


Lite2Sound PX workshop at 3rd Ward Brooklyn

A Lite2Sound PX workshop took place August 8th at 3rd Ward Brooklyn. Instructor Daniel Fishkin guided 13 students through assembly of the Lite2Sound PX ambient lighwave receiver, which is perfect for exploring hidden layers of audio emanating from the city. The Lite2Sound PX kit made its debut at Norway’s Pixsel [X] festival in 2012.

3rd Ward Brooklyn – Lite2Sound workshop – Aug 8, 2013

A video clip from Daniel’s WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU HEAR: TIMES SQUARE captures sounds from the city’s technology-saturated visual environment: