Grendel DC-2

Grendel DC-2 Silver eurorack

The Grendel DC-2 Drone Commander 2, introduced in 2021, represents the Main + Expander from our earlier Grendel DC-2e system fused together as a single eurorack module of 35HP width.  DC-2’s front panel features a low-glare brushed aluminum finish, anodized, in both silver (natural) and black. This module requires a rear clearance depth of 72 mm behind the rails in your euro case.  The DC power requirement is 120 mA (+12 V), 2.5 mA (-12 V). 

Almost all of the DC-2 circuitry is exactly as in the DC-2e, with minor updates.  Notably, the v/oct inputs have been re-organized.  DC-2 has two 1V/oct inputs, and a 15v/oct input suitable for pitch bender or vibrato modulation — all three v/oct inputs affect both VCO 1 and 2 simultaneously.  This differs from the DC-2e, which has separate 1v/oct inputs for each oscillator, plus one 1v/oct input that affects both.

Grendel DC-2 Black eurorack

Another noteworthy update to the DC-2 is an increase in dynamic range, less noise, and hotter audio outputs at both the ¼” and 3.5mm output jacks.

The published user manual for the DC-2e also applies to DC-2, except for whats mentioned above! (link to manual)

Drone Commander 2 is an all-analog synth voice module. It incorporates two VCOs, two VCFs, two synchronized sawtooth LFOs, a special dual sinewave LFO dedicated to VCO PWM, an attack-release envelope generator that controls low pass gate, and a triggered variable shape ‘Slide’ LFO. There are 12 control voltage I/O patch points, 4 clock and gate I/Os, 2 audio outputs, and 1 audio input. All 12 solid metal knobs double as push-pull switches for secondary functions such as signal routing, envelope gate on/off, and filter mode.

The warm, dark, and unique tone of DC-2 is attributable to extensive use of discrete transistor OTAs in its circuits – 86 discrete transistors in all – and no generic synth chips.

Q: Can I order the new DC-2 as a standalone tabletop model?
A: At this time we are not offering a standalone version.

Q: Can I send in a DC-2e for update to the DC-2?
A: Sorry, it is not possible to do a hardware update