Grendel DC-2e Standalone

We’ve created several models of great looking 35HP eurorack cases that are sized perfectly for the Grendel DC-2 / DC-2e modules. These cases are hand-built in the Rare Waves shop. Check out our Ordering page for current pricing and how to order it direct from us!

Grendel DC-2 Standalone 2022 edition – Cherry

Grendel DC-2 Standalone 2022 edition – Mahogany

The 2022 edition features a riveted aluminum case with hardwood sides.  The case sides have a satin oil-rubbed finish and an inlaid strapwork art design.  This is a multi-angle case that is stable in 3 positions – vertical, horizontal, or tilted.  A pair of ball feet, included, screw into sockets on the case back to provide stability by preventing it from tipping backwards when it is configured in the vertical or tilted position.

Grendel DC-2e Standalone – orange tolex

The tolex-covered wood cases were made from 2017-2019 and offer textured vinyl covering, rubber bumper feet, and a removable lid.

Both case styles include the Rare Waves PS-ER150 power supply PCB, which provides +11.5 /- 12 volts output on one standard Eurorack power socket.  It is powered by a convenient small-sized AC adapter, included.  These cases have a two-color power indicator LED; it lights up green for OK, or red to warn of low input voltage or overloaded output.

Grendel custom 52HP tolex euro case – dark green

A small number of the tolex-covered case style was also made in 52, 70 and 84HP widths by special order, with multi-tap power distribution and high output power supplies.

Grendel 84HP custom tolex euro case – black

A small number of the DC-2e Standalone tolex cases were built in custom colors like dark green, deep purple, and Carolina blue.

DC-2e Standalone cases – orange, seafoam, Carolina blue, black

In 2019 we offered the Grendel DC-2 LTD, a special limited edition (8 total were made) standalone version.  This has the most compact size among all the standalone DC2 units.  The DC-2 LTD was offered in both silver and black anodized aluminum housings with sides of mahogany or genuine rosewood.  As a  special convenience, this version offers external access to the main module’s trimmer adjustments.

Grendel DC2 LTD 2019 – Silver / Mahogany

Grendel DC2 LTD 2019 – Black / Rosewood