Grendel DC-2e Standalone

dc2e comp

The Grendel DC-2e Drone Commander 2 is available in standalone format. We’ve created a great looking custom fitted 35HP Eurorack case, sized perfectly for the DC-2e modules. The case is hand-built in the Rare Waves shop and features a tolex vinyl covering, removable lid, non-slip rubber feet, and a convenient power supply that accepts 100-230VAC mains voltage input. The power supply has N.American plug; you may need to add a plug adapter for international use.

The standalone model has all of the features of the Eurorack version, in a convenient and classy portable case.

Check out our Ordering page for current pricing and how to order it direct from us!

Also available in other widths: 70HP, 84HP! (special order)
Grendel 70HP Orange Case - web