Grendel Grenadier

There are two members in the Grenadier family! Choose a link below for the official product page:

Grenadier RA-99 (2020)

Grenadier RA-9 (2015)

Comparing the features of Grendel Grenadier RA-9 and RA-99:

Release year20152020
Built-in sequencerYesNo
Control InputsCV/GateCV/Gate
MIDI InputNoNo
Sound parameter knobs1014
Patch points1420
VCO count11
VCO waveformsSquare + triangleVariable trapezoid
VCO V/OCT inputs1V/oct (x1)1V/oct (x2), 5V/oct, 15V/oct
SubharmonicNoSquare wave
Noise sourceNoPink noise
EnvelopesDecay (1)AR or Decay (1 or 2)
LFOs11 or 2
Filter bank VCF count3 BPF1 LPF + 2 BPF
Filter bank parametersAlpha, Beta, Filter Alpha, Beta, Filter
Filter V/OCT inputNoNo
External audio inputYesYes
Power supply9v DC12v DC
Case materialPowder-coat steelAnodized aluminum