Lite2Sound EP

Listen to the Lights

Lite2Sound™ EP is a portable audio device that picks up modulated light from your surrounding environment and converts it directly to analog audio.  EP stands for Enhanced Perception. Its not a synthesizer or effect, it is more like a microphone or radio receiver that accesses a hidden layer of reality. This unit presents you with a scientifically accurate rendition of what you would perceive if your ears were sensitive to rapid fluctuations in light intensity.

Bring it outside in the city at night to hear a dynamic soundscape full of unusual tones and synthesizer-like electronic sounds emitted by modern technology. What your hear from it is entirely dependent on the scene you point it toward. The variables include your location, which direction the sensor is pointed, the time of day, and all of the ambient light sources as they change in real time, both visible and infrared.

Lite2Sound EP offers the best signal-to-noise ratio of all the Lite2Sound models we currently offer. It achieves this by using a larger photodiode sensor, plus an optical lens that increases the light gathering power for clearer sounds with less circuit noise than any of our earlier models.

It contains a high performance auto-gain transimpedance amplifier circuit similar to our Lite2Sound QB Stereo, but in contrast, Lite2Sound EP is monophonic (1 channel), lacks internal speakers, and has one output port.

Controls and Connections

The controls are simple and intuitive.  There is a volume control wheel and a power switch.  The audio output is a 3.5mm TRS jack, compatible with all modern headphones.  Or you can use an audio ‘aux cable’ to connect it to a sound amplifier such as your car audio system, or any recording device that accepts analog line input signals.  The output is dual mono, meaning equal signals are delivered to the left and right inputs of the audio device you have connected it to.

User Guide

Lite2Sound EP – user guide

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