Lite2Sound QB Stereo

New for 2021! Our best photodiode amplifer yet, featuring a solid hardwood and phenolic (bakelite) case.

Lite2Sound™ QB Stereo – User Guide 1.2

This portable audio device is a 2-channel photodiode amplifier designed for ambient listening. It picks up modulated light from your environment and converts it directly to stereo analog audio.

Not a synthesizer or effects unit, it is more like a microphone or radio receiver. This unit attempts to present you with a scientifically accurate version of what you could perceive if your ears were sensitive to fluctuations in light intensity. It does not create sounds on its own, other than a residual amount of background noise due to the high degree of amplification that is involved.

What your hear from it is entirely dependent on where you are, where the sensors are pointed, what time of day it is, and whatever ambient light sources are present.

It can be used in a controlled recording environment with manipulated light sources, generating sound samples for creative audio production. On the other hand, we encourage you to bring it out of your studio and listen anywhere, especially at night, and to make field recordings of the new sounds you discover. Or, you can incorporate it into a performance or installation piece, but be mindful that the results can be affected by the venue lighting and amount of daylight.