Lite2Sound QB Mono

This is the original Lite2Sound QB, manufactured from 2018-2019 by Rare Waves. For the updated 2021 version, check out Lite2Sound QB Stereo!

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Lite2Sound™ QB is made especially for creative audio enthusiasts, sound designers, music producers, and researchers. Its a portable audio device for listening to modulated light. Its highly sensitive, easy to use, and features a handmade wood case.

Imagine accessing ambient music that is previously unheard, yet full of accidental beauty and strange textures. With Lite2Sound you’ll uncover hidden sources of audio frequencies that are all around us waiting to be discovered. That’s because the technology behind modern high-tech light sources is often flickering at frequencies too fast for our eyes to see, yet within our hearing range – if we only had a way to perceive it. That’s what Lite2Sound does. It reveals these invisible tones to your ears and lets you blend the frequencies into chords as you move it through space and aim it like a camera.

The sensor is a PIN photodiode, receiving all visible colors of light and near-infrared wavelengths.

Lite2Sound QB picks up the same variety of sounds as our inexpensive Lite2Sound™ PX kit, but adds a number of cool features including a custom handmade wooden case, built-in speaker, tripod mount, audio limiter, direct output for recording, high quality components, and copper foil shielding that prevents electromagnetic interference from contaminating the audio.

The wooden case design is inspired by vintage radio receiver sets. It offers a classic low-key appearance that won’t arouse distracting attention when used for field recordings.

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A flexible mini tripod is included, making it easy to position the unit and aim its sensor at sources of interest.

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