Q.  I don’t see it for sale.  Where can I get it?
A.  Check eBay.  That is all the advice we can offer. We don’t have any. There’s no need to email us ‘just in case’.

Q. How do I remove the detachable lid?
A. Swing the lid out to fully open position. Grab the lid with your left hand, and the body of the instrument with your right hand. Pull the lid towards you, and push the other half away from you. The hinges in the lid will slide apart.

Q. Can I control the Drone Commander with MIDI?
A. No. There is no MIDI input or output.

Q. Is it OK to bring the Drone Commander aboard an airplane?
A. We recommend packing the Drone Commander in your checked baggage with the lid detached. We’ve never heard any reports of hassles from security due to the Drone Commander. If you need to demonstrate that it is a music instrument, carry a set of headphones with 1/4” connection and a 9V battery. The headphones can be plugged in to the line output jack.
The manufacturer is not liable for any issues relating to misunderstanding of this item’s nature.

Q. What can I connect to the Filter CV input?
A. If you have a modular synthesizer, try connecting an LFO or envelope generator to the Filter CV input. This will affect the center frequency of the filter. It is not calibrated to 1 volt/octave (or volt/Hz) so precise pitch control is not possible. This minor feature is provided for experimentation only and is not necessary to enjoy the full possiblities of the Drone Commander.

Q. What can I connect to the Clock Output?
A. The Clock Output sends out a square wave signal with the same pattern as the blinking LED on the control panel. The waveform swings from 0V to +9V, exact value depends on the battery condition. Try connecting it to any instrument that has a Clock Input (an uncommon feature). We’ve heard it works with the DSI Evolver and Roland CR-78, to name a few. This is a minor feature, it is provided for experimentation and is not necessary to enjoy the full possiblities of the Drone Commander.

Q. Can I synchronize the Drone Commander with a computer ?
A. No, not in real time. There is no MIDI input, Sync input, or Clock input.
As an option, you could record samples of the Drone Commander and use your audio software’s editing functions to fit it to your song’s tempo.

Q. Is it possible to control the oscillators with CV?
A. No. The only way to set the pitch of the oscillators is by turning the knobs on the panel.

Q. Can I send external audio into the filter?
A. No connection is provided internally or externally for direct input to the filter.

Q. Is it available in DIY kit form?
A. No, sorry.

Q. Are there any modifications or add-ons I should be aware of?
A. No, we don’t support any modifications to this product.

Q. Do you sell a rack-mount kit for it?
A. No, sorry.