Hydronium Eurorack in brushed aluminum

We’ve updated the looks of Hydronium Eurorack, our 28HP analog ‘acid’ style monosynth. This module now features a laser-cut aluminum control panel with crisply detailed brushed finish, in black anodized or silver.

Grendel Drone Commander 2

RA-99 Demo Track: Contaminate Your Speakers

In this video demonstration we present a music track made entirely with sounds from the Grendel RA-99 Grenadier, plus synthetic speech from our MIDI Narrator. After the music track, the video presents a walk-through of how the sounds were created in detail. Annotated subtitles explain how to patch the RA-99 to get distorted bass drums, pink noise percussion, acid tones, and lead sounds. There is also a close up of how the synthetic voice is assembled in a DAW piano roll editor, using a MIDI keyboard map to arrange the SP0256A-AL2 allophones into words.

Grendel RA-99 Grenadier

Rare Waves / Grendel synth demo

Grendel RA-99 Grenadier : Preview

Sneak preview of the T.B.A. Grendel RA-99 Grenadier!

Grendel 2TAC: 2-Track Analog Controller

Its a compact minimalist CV-Gate sequencer – the Grendel 2TAC 2-Track Analog Controller.  Fresh design for 2019, a limited edition (for now) featuring hand tooled metal work, oil finished hardwood sides, and permanent silkscreen graphics.

Grendel 2TAC User Guide (PDF)

Grendel DC-2 LTD – Limited Edition

Announcing a special limited edition run of Grendel Drone Commander 2! The DC-2 LTD features hand tooled metalwork, oil finished hardwood sides, and permanent silkscreen graphics. Only 8 produced! (Sold Out)

Hydronium Eurorack voice module: new from Rare Waves!

Rare Waves Hydronium analog synthesizer is now available in Eurorack format, as a DIY kit ($225) or pre-assembled ($359).  Hydronium is a high quality electronic music instrument with “the works” – MIDI and CV-Gate control + semi-modular patachability.  Its great tone and playability will invite you to stay up late making tracks!

Hydronium: new synth from Rare Waves!

Rare Waves Hydronium is now available in tabletop format! $255 (DIY kit) / $389 (assembled & tested). Please visit our Ordering page for details on how to order.