Lite2Sound QB

There are two members of the Lite2Sound QB family of photodiode amplifiers! Choose a link below for the official product page:

Lite2Sound QB Stereo (2021)

Lite2Sound QB Mono (2018)


Table. Comparing the features of our Lite2Sound QB models

Lite2Sound QB Mono Lite2Sound QB Stereo
Release year 2018 2021
Technology Analog surface mount Analog surface mount
Audio channels 1 2
Built-in speakers 1 2
Sensor Type PIN photodiode PIN photodiode
Battery type 9V 9V
AC adapter input 9V DC 9V DC
AC adapter spec Center positive, 2.1mm Center positive, 2.1mm
Control knobs Volume Volume
Audio Out Jack 1 3.5mm Phones (dual mono) 3.5mm stereo Phones / AUX
Audio Out Jack 2 1/4 mono 3.5mm stereo Mic Out
Tripod mountable Yes Yes
Mini tripod included Yes No
Case material Eucaboard Solid hardwood + bakelite
Mass 400 g 350 g