Grendel DC-2

Grendel Drone Commander 2 Eurorack coming soon!

Grendel Drone Commander 2 eurorack is back by demand. The Grendel DC-2 brings hair-raising analog tones with 2x VCF, 2x VCO, multiple LFOs, AR envelope, and CV-Gate interface with multiple V/oct inputs. The new model comes with a slightly updated control panel design; Grendel DC2 is now a single module 35HP width, made in non-reflective brushed aluminum, silver or black anodized. Available January 2021. More details T.B.A. soon!

Hydronium Eurorack in brushed aluminum

We’ve updated the looks of Hydronium Eurorack, our 28HP analog ‘acid’ style monosynth. This module now features a laser-cut aluminum control panel with crisply detailed brushed finish, in black anodized or silver.

Grendel Drone Commander 2

RA-99 Demo Track: Contaminate Your Speakers

In this video demonstration we present a music track made entirely with sounds from the Grendel RA-99 Grenadier, plus synthetic speech from our MIDI Narrator. After the music track, the video presents a walk-through of how the sounds were created in detail. Annotated subtitles explain how to patch the RA-99 to get distorted bass drums, pink noise percussion, acid tones, and lead sounds. There is also a close up of how the synthetic voice is assembled in a DAW piano roll editor, using a MIDI keyboard map to arrange the SP0256A-AL2 allophones into words.

Grendel RA-99 Grenadier

Rare Waves / Grendel synth demo

Grendel RA-99 Grenadier : Preview

Sneak preview of the T.B.A. Grendel RA-99 Grenadier!

Grendel 2TAC: 2-Track Analog Controller

Its a compact minimalist CV-Gate sequencer – the Grendel 2TAC 2-Track Analog Controller.  Fresh design for 2019, a limited edition (for now) featuring hand tooled metal work, oil finished hardwood sides, and permanent silkscreen graphics.

Grendel 2TAC User Guide (PDF)

Grendel DC-2 LTD – Limited Edition

Announcing a special limited edition run of Grendel Drone Commander 2! The DC-2 LTD features hand tooled metalwork, oil finished hardwood sides, and permanent silkscreen graphics. Only 8 produced! (Sold Out)